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Drainage Unblocking & Cleaning

When a problem arises with your drains we must not only fix the current problem to ensure your drains function properly, we must identify why the problem has arisen in the first place. If it is simply a blocked drain and needs to be cleaning out, this can be done very easily. However sometimes drains become blocked for many different reasons, this is where our Technicians are on the spot to ensure no further problems will arise. As with Homebuyers Report we look at probable causes such as:

Manual Rodding:

At this stage our technician will attempt with drain rods which involves attaching rods together and manually pushing the rods down the drain in order to remove any blockage that has occurred.

High Pressure Water Jetting:

When a drain becomes a problem i.e. it becomes frequently blocked, a quick and easy solution is for one of our technicians to pop over and unblock it via the jetting method. This is one of the most effective and easiest methods to apply to a blocked drain.


After cleansing and cleaning has taken place, we will simply diagnose the problem via our CCTV cameras to diagnose the cause of recent problems. Effective solutions are found before drain clearance takes place.

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